New England Reptile Expo Vendor List

Site updated last: 10/13/2014

Below is a list of vendors registered from our last show on Sunday October 12, 2014.  The list for the January 26, 2015 show will be posted initially in December, and then the list will be updated periodically as we received confirmed vendor reservations closer to the show date.

Some vendors who do not attend regularly or who are last minute additions (due to cancellations) may not be listed here- if you need to reach anyone not listed please e-mail and I will be happy to help you as best I can. Please note that sometimes registered vendors share their space with other vendors- I only have a record of the name that the table is officially registered under. Best bet.. get a business card or receipt from whomever you purchase from!

Action Reptiles website
Monte Alpert Wood Art and Drawings website
Amped Up Reptiles email
ANB Reptiles email
Andover Animal Hospital
A+ Serpents website
Arcturus Reptiles email
BBC Reptiles website
Big Dog Reptiles
Black Jungle Terrarium Supplies website
Black Panther Reptiles website
Blake's Exotics
Joseph Bobick email
Nathaniel Brown email
Graham Burger email
Brian Chumsae
CJT Exotic Reptiles email
Cold Blooded Pets email
Critters N' Creatures website
D & D Reptiles
Dachiu Dragons website
Dales Bearded Dragons and Pet Supplies website
Deb's Exotics website
Delaney's Geckos website
Dragontown website
Dragon Fortress website
Joe Ellis Reptiles email
Empyreal Exotics email
Fish Mike Aquatics email
Geckcessories email
Gecko Sanctuary website
Glen Echo Reptiles
G'N'R Cresteds website
Granite Reptiles email
Gruesome Geckos website
Michael Hano Frozen Rodents email
Harris in Wonderland website
Hilltop Hognose email
Homegrown Scales website
Jabberwock Reptiles website
JD Dragons email
JJO Reptiles website
JPC Boas email
Jurassic Jungle website
KLH Reptiles website
Komodo Reptiles Feeders email
KSC Reptiles email
LTD Reptiles email
Loki Reptiles website
Maine Herpetological Society website
Mainely Morphs
Mojo Herps
Morph Addiction email
Morph Madness website
Morway Gecko website
Mount Pleasant Herps email
Netbugs website
New England Herp Society website
Nice Balz website
Prehistorix website
P.S. Pythons email
Ravishing Dragons website
Reptile Addicts/Fred Kick website
Reptile Deli email
Reptile Kingdom website email
Roach Coach email
RRR Reptiles
Jayden Riley
Sabrinas Reptile Kingdom website
Scutes N' Scales email
Seacoast Exotics email
Mike Seifert
Simply Smooth Dragons email
Slither and Swim Pet Supplies email
Speckle's Geckos email
TE Reptiles email
Teacher's Pet Reptiles email
Tiny Dino Reptiles email
Troy Taylor
Upper Valley Reptile Group website
USARK website
Weirdy Beardie Hammocks
Wicked Balls website
Wooden Virtual Pets/ Denis Godbout email
WTF Morphs email
ZooMed website

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